Structure Of C++ Program

Structure Of C++ Program:-

Now I am explaining you about Structure Of C++ Program. If you have Structure Of C++ Program in your mind then it is very easy to write any program in C++ Programming Language.So have a smart look at the same.



void main()



Statement(s)  To Be Executed;



#include:-  It is known as Preprocessor Directive. It is used to tell the Compiler that which statement will be executed first.

In this program the Header File iostream will be included by the compiler , so that the compiler will understand , the standard  input output related predefined syntax or statements.

iostream:- It is referred as input output stream since it contains the definition of input output related statements. It is a header file .

.h:-    It is the Extension of header file.

In Computer ,  Extension is used to tell the computer that ‘which type of file it is ? ‘ Or ‘this file is of which software ‘ , so that we can open file in that specific Software. If there is no extension with file name then we can not open that file if we don’t have that file related software installed in our computer.

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conio:-  It is a header file , referred as Console input output . Here console represents  Monitor /Display Screen . In this file , all the console related input output  functions are  defined like clrscr() and getch().

main():-  It is Built-In  Function that is used to contain the body of C++  Program. Program execution starts from this function and ends in this function.

{ :- It is Opening Brace , that tells the compiler that a block of statements  is started.

}:- It is Closing Brace , that tells the compiler that a block of statements is closed.

clrscr():- It is a Built-In Function , that is used to clear the screen before getting the output of a program.

getch():-It is referred as get character. It is a Built-In Function , that is used to get output of a program , directly after running it.

;:- It is a symbol of Semicolon.In C++ Programming Language it works as a Terminator. When the working of any Statement is finished in language then , to tell the same to Compiler we use this sign.

Statement:- It is Command or group of commands that can do some operation.


If I want to declare any Variable then following is a Variable Declaration Statement.

int a;

Here ‘int’ is a DataType and ‘a’ is a Variable.

structure of c++ program
structure of c++ program

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